Destined For More

Destined For More


In "Destined For More," you will learn some of the wonderful patterns of God, and receive revelation on aligning yourselves to release the power of God in your everyday lives.

As you read, you will discover truths that will excite you with their potential. At the same time, you will see obstacles in your heart and soul that will need to be revealed and overcome with His power of love. I pray for God’s enlightenment as you go after all that you are destined to be in Christ.



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My burning heart’s desire is to see the Church, the Body of Christ, become all
Jesus has called us to be. Each generation has its own assignments and callings.
Therefore, each generation must be captivated by fresh insights of revelation from the
Word of God. Our heavenly Father knows exactly how to encounter each one of us to
maximize our relationship with Him. He is moving mightily in the earth to absolutely
captivate His glorious Church! I pray that the understanding you glean from this book by
the power of the Holy Spirit will help you hunger for more and yield to His exciting