November Newsletter

Dear Partners, Greetings, we at Tim Hines Ministries wish you and your family, “Happy Thanksgiving.” We pray that this holiday season is full of Gods love and understanding. I have a fuller grasp on this word understanding and it’s application in my life. Solomon wrote in Proverbs three, “In all of your getting, get understanding.” The practical implement of what you have been enlighten by. It’s not what we know, it’s if what we know can be applied that will yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness. I have just come out of our third annual sons meeting in Orlando, Fl. We rented a 14 Bedroom home, and had twenty six people under roof for four days. I brought in a psalmist from Jackson, Oh. to lead us into the courts of God. Clay Webb did just that. Worship, in the words of one of the sons from Wales, “It was smashing Man.” We had such a great time in the presence of the Lord ministered powerfully to us all. Our Apostle, Dan Dyer was with us this year as well. He and his wife Melanie, brought in creditable words from the Lord that transformed our lives. We have all been brought into a new season by the instruction that lead us out of so many insecurity's. I watched lives transform and be given a new release on life. On the last day that we where together, at the end of our first session, angels appeared. They where studying all of us, as if they could see the release that we where invited into. I could tell that they were excited about being able to minister to us from the Fathers will, in a new way. This meeting was a landmark of things to come. Callings where birthed and commencements where established. One of my sons who has been with me for fifteen years, Dave Gray, he and his wife, Stacy, where sent out to begin to take this pattern of Fathering to others. They brought a couple with them that they have been pouring into. I have spiritual grand kids. This Fathering relationship, is now generational. We now have our sons children starting to travel with us. What an awesome time in the Lord, and what an awesome responsibility in the Lord. For those of you who have been partners for a while now, you know that this is my heart. I am weeping right now over the one’s that I love so much. I could go on and on concerning the love that the Lord shared with us durning our time together. I married one of my spiritual sons last December. He met and fell in love with a women that I have been waiting on to be assigned to. She lost her father early in life, and there was a great void in her soul that was robbing her of receiving love and acceptance. She wouldn't let me have the daughter father dance at her wedding. We had that dance together at the sons meeting. She cried as I held her dancing, “I was afraid.” She thought if she had let me into her heart, that I would die or abandon her as well. As we danced, I assured her that I wasn't going any where. What a break through. Partners, you all part of this. Men and women being changed to do great things for the Lord. People being open to receiving a portion of my spirit to help chart their way. You guys help make happen so many things that I don’t have room or time each month to share with you. Because of your help, young men and their wives, our prophesying, preaching and proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom of God. I thank you for your commentment! Pray for me, I am writing a new book. All three of my books are now on the website ready to be down loaded: “The new flash drive is now available.” If you would like one, please include a separate check made out to: Tim Hines, for $25.00 and we will gladly send it to you! Thank you so much for your faithful giving. Please give online at through PayPal Help us win our world to Jesus! Your Servants in His Service, The Hines


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