October Newletter

Dear Partners, Greetings this month in the name of Jesus. I want to thank you for all the Happy Anniversary wishes. Jodi and I where able to get a way for four days and just be with each other. We are beach people, so that’s where we went, to the beach. We ate out when we wanted to and walked the beach each night in the moon light. I my opinion, our first prayer summit was a complete success. What a powerful gathering. An hour and fifteen minutes of praise and worship to set the tone and atmosphere for the preaching of the word and altar ministry. Of course prayer was the focus of this meeting. A date has been set for 2018’s summit. It will be, June 1-3, 2018. I invite all of you to please come and be a part of this, it’s life changing. The summit will be held at Moultrie, Ga. The home of where the last gathering was held. Pastor’s Donny and Cindy Lewis are hungry for a move of God in the their church, and in their community. The intercessory prayer team has grown since the summit. I can only imagine what it will look like by June of next year. One quick testimony before I continue to share the word of the Lord for 2017. A man by the name of Dave Ramos contacted me this last week. I haven't heard from him in ten years. Actually, all I have had was a brief encounter with Dave. I was setting in Apple's waiting for the Pastor I was getting ready to minister for. I was setting next to a half wall and Dave and his wife where setting at the table on the other side of the wall. When I looked at him, the word of the Lord came to me. God began to speak of present truth and future understanding. He laid out the plan that He had for Dave, things that he was presently involved with, and things to come. He called me the other day and said something remarkable. He said, I would of quit on many of the projects that the Lord allowed me to be part of, unless I had not called to remembrance the prophecy given to me, by at the time, a complete stranger. He said to me, “where did you get the boldness to do what you did”? I told him that it was from my relationship with the Holy Ghost. I share with you that the Lord has used him to develop water treatment technology to technology on Noah's ark at the creation museum. God is so good. We have been looking at the third chapter of Joshua. Our theme this year has been, “Our walk must be resting where He is moving.” When this willingness takes place, His fruitfulness is amazing. We see the river Jordan over flowing at the time of harvest. I feel that as a believer, until Jesus comes, there will be multiple harvest times in our lives. God removing the bad, and Jesus bring worth the good. In Matthew 13, this parable is explained three different ways. Each explanation brings us to a simple word, understanding. Jesus said in verse thirty nine, “The enemy who sowed them is the devil, the harvest is the end of the age, and the reapers are the angels.” You have heard me speak of the angelic over the last couple of years, they are the Fathers enforcers. The portion of this parable I want you to look at is found in verse’ 24-30! Mediate on this until next month. All three of my books are now on the website ready to be down loaded: timhinesministries.com “The new flash drive is now available.” If you would like one, please include a separate check made out to: Tim Hines, for $25.00 and we will gladly send it to you! Thank you so much for your faithful giving. Please give online at www.timhinesministries.com through PayPal Help us win our world to Jesus! Your Servants in His Service, The Hines

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