Word of the Lord for January

Dear Partners, “Happy New Year,” we pray that the new year is a year of Gods best. I feel that 2018 holds great opportunity for all of us. Are you ready for what the Lord has instore for us this year? I believe you are, many of you have been setting on ready, and I want you to know, ready or not here it comes. Fresh revelation has filled my heart. I will be sharing with you through the year the things that the Lord has placed in my heart for this in creditable season. I know that there will be no other year like the one we have been invited into. This new year has already started to yield it’s fruit. The Lord directed me to share a word with a corporation in N.C., His plans, and it’s already taken on a manifestation. Business people, hear me loud and clear, the revival or should I say, kingdom life style, will begin in the market place. I feel that the Lord has many people in the right place. People that are commissioned for this time, to generate revenue for the work of Gods will in the earth. It will start with you first. If you have been posturing yourself to fund the work of the Lord, expect open doors to resources that have never been opened before. Expect favor given by the Lord for you to do what God has called you to. Speak to your vision, and command it to live to it’s fullest. The year that is beginning, will have three more years just like it. I pray that you maximize this God given opportunity. ( Thank you for your faithfulness ) I want you to know, that Mary the mother of Jesus, carried Him twice in her belly. I know that this statement sounds a little strange, but it’s the truth. In the gospel of luke, chapter one verse twenty eight, the word declares, “rejoice highly favored one, the lord is with you; blessed are you among women.” The word rejoice actually in the King James version, is Hail. It is a term used to recognize a king by. A king was coming to live on the inside of Mary. That same king that lives on the inside of us, that has saved us. The Holy Spirit over shadowed Mary and she conceived in herself the savior of the world. In Acts chapter two, Mary was in the upper room when the same Holy Ghost came like a mighty rushing wind. Cloven tongues of fire sat upon her and she received in herself again the presence of the Lord. I feel that when Mary was visited by the Holy spirit in the upper room, she instantly realized familiarity of where the presence of the God once resided. I want you to know that we all fit this category. There are words that have been given over the years that haven't come to pass. Dreams and visions that we have been given from the Lord that haven't taken place yet. Dreams of being free financially, dreams of walking in complete healing. Dreams of authority over the hinderances and obstacles of this life. In 2018, the presence of the Lord will come upon you and give you that same familiarity. There is a king in all of us. I don’t believe that we have been given glimpse of our future, for it not to come to pass. Maybe the purpose of our future was held back by a lack of proper maturity, or we where just not in the right season. But hear me today, the presence of this hour will appeal to where you have been carrying Jesus for quite some time. I know over time we can lose hope in times of delay. But this is a different day. Are you ready to see your dreams come to pass? Simply declare, “Be it unto me according to your word.” Partners, there is more of this where this word has come from in 2018. Please give online at www.timhinesministries.com through PayPal Help us win our world to Jesus! Your Servants in His Service, The Hines

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