The Word of the Lord for 2018

Dear Partners, “Chasing the Word of the Lord for 2018” One full month is already in the books. I pray this year has started off in the fashion that God has designed to start, a year of His grace for the supernatural. I am going to take a different approach this year concerning the Newsletter. I have the Lord filling my heart with so much of what He wants to convey to His people, that I’m going to be writing from His heart. There wont be any road testimonies or anything like that, just what He is saying to His church this year. First and foremost, I feel that we have a limited time of supernatural grace available. I feel that we have entered a eight year span of time to wreck the earth with. Now is the time to be people who operate our lives from the influence of His presence. The distinction between people of this caliber and those of a lack of His influence, will be clear. I open my heart to you buy saying that there is always a war before a victory. The ground taken right now is shaping our future. In 1 Kings 18, the prophet Elijah has just defeated the prophets of Baal. 900 to one, 1 Kgs. 18:19, isn’t very good odds. Sometimes we feel like a minority, when we are really a majority. 1 Kgs. 18:6, when looking for green grass in a time of a famine, might require you to go it alone. But, when we are being directed and led by the Lord, we are never alone. The first thing that the prophet declares is that, “there is a sound.” In Christ, there is always a different sound than the sound before it. Every sound that the Lord has puts an end to some form of drought. For the last five years, I have been sounding the sound of praise and worship. The importance of teaching and generations experiencing the presence that follows the action that we have been created for is crucial. We have been created to worship Him. This is where it all starts. By seeing the need to be as close to Him as possible, is the key to present and future understanding. To teach present and future generations the importance of this encounter, is huge. To be people who operate by the leading of the Spirit, is to be in cadence with His will. When your being led by the spirit, the Holy Ghost will never lead you in any other direction other than into His will. I desire to leave in place revelation that will effect future generations. This manifestation can only be by the leading of the Holy Ghost. There are seventy faces to every Hebrew scripture, seventy is the number of deliverance and restoration. Everything that the Lord has designed, is to lead people into His best wile they are on the earth. This sound right now is going to lead a church, that has forgotten how He operates, back to Him. People at this point will make their own decision on how far they want to go with Him. Never the less, the opportunity for the drought being over, is here. The prophet is on Mt. Carmel where he has made an open show of darkness. Carmel is defined as meaning, plentiful or fruitful. Where we are at couldn't be anymore richer. Elijah places his head between his knee’. I see three postures of the prophet that fits a present day believer. One, the posture of the prophet is saying, “I have nothing to do with what God can only do.” God gives us the proper humility to handle this hour with honor. Pulpits that don’t have to receive attention, but men and women who point people to Jesus. Everyone needs to be appreciated, but someone of humility does not let the appreciation lead them to pride. The second possession that I see this prophet in is a honoring position concerning the prosperity that the earth is coming into. We will need more time and space to chase this thought. Please give online at through PayPal Winning souls, one by one! Your Servants in His Service, The Hines


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