Chasing the Word of the Lord for 2018

  “Chasing the Word of the Lord for 2018”
Dear Partners,
I want to continue to share the Lords heart with you this month. Last month we looked at the three postured positions of the Prophet Elijah. This month I desirer to impart to you a present day story line. The Prophet has heard a sound in the heavens that will end a drought. Today, if we are listening to the Prophetic office and the direction that the Prophets have been guiding us for the last seven years, we to are in a time where the heavens are pouring out on the earth a drought ending season. Elijah sends his servant to the top of a mountain to see what he has been hearing. A fresh sound is a echo that has been release. Many people are still circling around a sound that came into the earth thirty years ago. They think that because that sound produced results, that, that same sound will still work. Fresh sounds bring fresh results. Each generation is called to God by a sound that is designed to get their attention. I have been preaching for the last year that, “It’s time to see what the Prophets have been hearing.” His servant doesn't see what Elijah hears the first time that he makes this journey. It’s not until this servant makes his seventh trip to the top of this mountain to see what is being heard, that he himself see’ it. Seven is the Bible number that means completion. I feel that you can’t send just anyone to the top of the mountain. I also feel that the present generation has a spirit about them that strives to complete Gods will for their lives. Like previous generations, this present generation will need to be Prophetically encouraged. Elijah kept telling him, to go and look. I don’t know about you, but I have needed to look at something a few times before I completely understood what I was looking at. Let’s all understand what we are looking at. This incoming group see’ a cloud the size of a mans fist. I have it preached many times, that this cloud represents the five fold ministry. The Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. I think that this can very well be a shadow and type of Bible truth. There is something that I want to draw your attention to. We in scripture are called clouds. ( Heb. 12:1 ) There are many examples of this thru the word of God. What I want you to see is that, the cloud the size of a man’s fist wasn't carrying the rain. As the text goes on to say, that the sky became black with clouds. I believe that the Kingdom way is as such. The five fold ministry equips the saints for the work of the ministry. So therefore, if we are looking at the present hour correctly, we have a opportunity to get things that are out of order, into His type of order. For the last thirty years, people have been dependent on how well the pulpit preaches. The pulpit needs to realize that their success is found in the pews ability to function in maturity. The pew needs to realize that they are called to carry out the work of the ministry. 2018 is the year of the saints.  Gods rain to end droughts, is in you. Kingdom culture says, when each joint supplies what the other joint has need of, it cause grow in the body. Growth in two ways, one, growth in yourself as God shows you how to minister like Him. Secondly, you yourself edifies, exhorts, and comforts the body. People have expected the pulpit to do what they are called to do, and feel fulfilled in it. It’s Saul and David, you either want what God wants, or you want what the people want. (Continued next month)
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